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Instinctive Notes removes the friction from note taking so you record every note, every time, with the maximum information and the minimum of effort.

The Instinctive Notes Benefit

Instinctive Notes is the MINDBODY App you wish you had when taking your notes. Add our friction free note taking to MINDBODY, one of the best practice management systems out there, and watch your productivity take off.

The MINDBODY and Instinctive Notes benefits:

  • Know exactly what notes you need to take
  • Fast and simple to use all in the palm of your hand
  • Complete client history all in one place
  • Front desk efficiency built right in
  • Seamlessly integrated with MINDBODY
  • Secure and safe

Instinctive Notes is tailored specifically for chiropractors, and even caters for the specialties within the profession. It’s fast, detailed, and can be used anytime, anywhere, on iPhone or iPad.

Key features of Instinctive Notes

Instinctive Notes is packed with features to get you up and running quickly and have you taking fast and accurate notes every day.

Here are just a few of them:

Friction Free Clinical Notes

  • Colour coded list of your appointments
  • Time saving shortcuts
  • Draft and missing note lists
  • Full client history in your hand
  • The fastest clinical note taker

Document Attachments

  • Access attachments from anywhere
  • Upload straight from your device
  • Bulk upload from the Instinctive Notes Web Site

Client scheduling however you need it

  • Quickly generate a plan or wellness regimen
  • Understand if clients are sticking to their schedule
  • Communicate your schedule to your assistant automatically

Customisation with control

  • Select up to three of six standard code templates
  • Set up custom codes for your specific requirements

How does it all work

Using the MINDBODY API, which allows secure access to MINDBODY, Instinctive Notes utilises your MINDBODY data to enhance the MINDBODY experience.

Automatic Sync

You want the information you already have in MINDBODY to be available without having to think about it. Instinctive Notes collects MINDBODY data every five minutes during the working day so that your client and appointment lists in the Instinctive Notes app are up to date.

We download Staff, Clients, Locations, Products and Appointment Types every night from MINDBODY.

Today's appointments are synchronised every five minutes, tomorrow's appointments every hour and the rest of the week's appointments overnight.

Whatever data you need for your notes it will be available in Instinctive Notes when you need it, all without rekeying.

Just Pull To Refresh

Thats all you have to do to get all your MINDBODY data into the Instinctive Notes App.

Your appointments are listed direct from MINDBODY. Any updates, cancellations or no shows will be automatically processed from the list.

Appointment type colours can be set against your MINDBODY appointment types to let you know exactly why you are seeing each of your clients.

It couldn't be easier.

Seriously Easy to Set Up

You've been there before. Promises of tight integration between products just don't stack up. Configure this, load that. Spend time keeping it all running. Your time is just too valuable to waste.

You want to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. So that's why we leverage all the information you already have in MINDBODY to streamline the setup process.

All you need to do is enter your MINDBODY Site, click the MINDBODY activation link and the select the practitioners and assistants you would like to add to Instinctive Notes. By the time you have logged into the Instinctive Notes App on your iPhone or iPad your appointments will already be available.

Import Note History

If you have your historical notes in another system which can export to CSV/Excel then you can get them imported into Instinctive Notes to have all your history in one place.

Provided your export can match the practitioner, client and time you recorded the note you can send the detail to us to load them up.

Please note there is an additional fee for uploading notes.

Try Instinctive Notes today

Instinctive notes has simple pricing. Just $39 base service per month + $10 per additional practitioner per month.
The MINDBODY Integration has an additional $20 per month fee.

No credit card required. Try our full feature set for 30 days.

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