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Any way you look at it, you win with Instinctive Notes

As a Chiropractic professional taking compliant notes is simple. You just need to:

  • Record a note for every patient consultation

  • Make sure you record all the right details

  • Never lose a note that you have taken

  • Ensure that every practitioner in your practice does the same

If only it were that easy in practice.

Note taking guidelines run into multiple pages covering professional and technical responsibilities. Reference to legislation and other rules are often included. It can get complex pretty quickly.

Then you are expected to design your note taking approach all on your own, either by using paper or by configuring your practice management system, covering all the quirks and edge cases. You are responsible to get it right and it can be easy to overlook something.

Finally, you have to remember it all when you record your notes. When you are focussed on your patient you don't want to be thinking about the small details of note taking compliance.

Even if you take up the challenge of doing it yourself, and spend the hours you need to get everything set up, your notes are working against you. Other note takers, paper included, are heavily text based and offer no insight or productivity for your practice. You either abbreviate heavily (which could break compliance) or write everything long hand which takes way too much time.

It's a recipe for personal stress and professional risk.

Instinctive Notes makes it simple.

Instinctive Notes has been specifically developed to make it fast and easy for you to meet your compliance responsibilities.

It doesn't stop there, by capturing structured patient information Instinctive Notes can provide you with treatment insights and practice productivity benefits that just aren't possible with any other note taker.

Instinctive notes is your secret weapon for note taking compliance. Try it today.

I have been using Instinctive Notes in my practice and I LOVE IT! It’s quick and intuitive and it means that I can spend more time taking care of my clients and less time taking notes. Highly recommended!
— Dr Dominic Flynn, Chiropractor, Thrive Chiropractic, Australia

Protect your time and your business with Instinctive Notes

It's compliance, speed and productivity straight out of the box

Note taking compliance out of the box

  • Covers AHPRA guidelines

  • Full SOAP note for assessments and treatments

  • Standardised codes and listings, no mistakes

  • Attachments to store all external patient documents

  • Missed note tracking

  • Automatic data compliance, auditing, backups and more

Speed up your note taking

  • Fast native iOS App, forget the spinner

  • Codes and lists mean less typing with perfect legibility

  • Copy from previous note for standardised treatments

  • Custom codes and favourites to speed up your specific requirements

Patient records & insights

  • Complete patient history viewable right on your device

  • Drill down quickly to any treatment

  • See treatment response over time

  • Access every document stored with the patient record

Dedicated Web App to drive Front Desk Productivity

  • See patient schedules and bookings, know exactly what appointments need to be booked at a glance

  • View prescribed products to sell to patients

  • Upload documents to a patient record for quick viewing by practitioners

  • Record general patient notes and medical alerts for quick viewing by practitioners

  • See missing notes by practitioner and follow up

Seamlessly Integrated with the tools you Already use

  • No re-keying of patients or appointments from your practice management system

  • Automatic synchronisation of other data (depending on integration)

  • Integrate with Cliniko, Nookal, MINDBODY or Front Desk

Secure and Private Foundation for your notes

  • All communication is securely encrypted

  • All stored data is encrypted, backed up and stored in Secure Australian Facilities

  • Changes to notes & attachments are versioned and stored so you can't accidentally overwrite them

You can have compliant notes without the drawbacks. Get fully detailed clinical notes which are fast and easy to record. Put it all together with patient insights and front desk prodcutivity and you have a note taking system which is going to drive real benefit for your practice.

And at that important moment when you need to be sure your notes are compliant we have you covered, everything will be together, from medical history and X-Rays to every treatment your patient ever had with you or your team.

Ditch the personal stress and business risk. Try Instinctive Notes today.

Switching to Instinctive Notes would have to be one of the best choices I have ever made in practice. It saves so much time and the fact that it has been specifically designed by chiropractors for chiropractors means the transition over requires minimal ‘learning’. I can’t imagine my practice ever changing to an alternative note taking system. Great job to the team at Instinctive Notes!
— Marcus Yeo, Chiropractor, My Chiropractic, Australia

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