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When chiropractors just like you have spoken with us not one of you said you do it for your notes. In fact most of your feelings about notes fell somewhere between ambivalence and hate. That's right, a good number of you actually hate taking your notes.

But you all recognised that note taking was necessary and important for the long term health of your practice.

There's a word for something that you hate but you know you have to do - it's called a chore.

The real issue is that any friction means that the chore gets dropped:

  • Can't find a history card, you skip taking the note
  • Someone else using the PC, you skip taking the note
  • Note taking website a little slow or times out, you skip taking the note
  • Extra documents stored on some backup drive, you won't be bothered to refer to them
  • Note system requires configuration from scratch, you'll write inaccurate notes until you get around to it, which is never because building your practice is so much more interesting, important and fun
  • PC blows up or is hit by a virus, you scramble to take notes manually but miss a heap because your practice isn't used to it, you never get them back into your system because you don't have time
  • And on and on and on ....

Each one of these in themselves is not a major risk, but eventually the misses will add up, and the day you really need that note to support your professionalism and that of your practice, is the day that it's missing and you're in trouble. And you don't want to be in trouble when that lawyer is knocking on the door.

Oh, and if you have associates then magnify every item multiple times, who knows if they are getting through all the notes they are supposed to do.

Instinctive Notes is ideal for chiropractors like you who are sick of the chore of note taking and just want to get it over with so you can get back to what you love - helping your clients and building your practice.

It's going to change the way you feel about taking notes.

I have been using Instinctive Notes in my practice and I LOVE IT! It’s quick and intuitive and it means that I can spend more time taking care of my clients and less time taking notes. Highly recommended!
— Dr Dominic Flynn, Chiropractor, Thrive Chiropractic, Australia

Instinctive Notes removes the friction so you record every note, every time with the maximum information and the minimum of effort

Know exactly what notes you need to take

  • All appointments clearly displayed and ready for your notes with a single tap
  • The type of appointment clearly identified so you know up front
  • Any missing notes clearly identified for your action
  • Record and manage drafts

Fast and simple to use all in the palm of your hand

  • Fast native app, forget the spinner
  • Easy to get started with standard code lists
  • Codes and lists mean less typing with perfectly legibility
  • Custom codes to suit your exact requirements
  • Install Instinctive Notes on as many devices as you need, you'll always have a backup

Complete client history all in one place

  • Overview of every treatment for every client right on your device
  • Drill down into any treatment with a single tap
  • Every attachment for every client viewable right on your device

Front Desk Efficiency Built Right In

  • Client schedules automatically available to your assistants at the front desk
  • Daily note taking admin almost non-existent
  • Bulk upload of attachments available right on the web

Seamlessly Integrated with the tools you Already use

  • No re-keying of clients and appointments
  • Automatic synchronisation of other data (depending on integration)
  • Integrate with ClinikoMINDBODY or Front Desk

A Safe and Secure Foundation For Your Notes

  • All communication is securely encrypted
  • All data is encrypted, backed up and stored in Secure Australian Facilities
  • Changes to notes & attachments are versioned and stored so you can't accidentally overwrite them

So now all your notes will get done, be easily understandable by everyone in your practice and with more detail than ever.

And at that important moment when you need your notes to meet your professional and legal requirements, everything will be together, from medical history and X-Rays to every treatment your client ever did with you or your team.

All of a sudden you're going to love your clinical note taker.

Switching to Instinctive Notes would have to be one of the best choices I have ever made in practice. It saves so much time and the fact that it has been specifically designed by chiropractors for chiropractors means the transition over requires minimal ‘learning’. I can’t imagine my practice ever changing to an alternative note taking system. Great job to the team at Instinctive Notes!
— Marcus Yeo, Chiropractor, My Chiropractic, Australia

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