Note Taking Compliance Out of the Box

Compliance can be complex, let Instinctive Notes take the stress and risk out of it.

Record compliant content

Record everything you need and make sure your notes can be understood by everyone who reads them (your future self included).

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The full SOAP note provides a clear note taking process to follow so that no core compliance requirement is missed.

Standard codes and lists mean accurate recording of your treatment with no ambiguity.

Custom codes can be configured to fill any note taking gaps. Codes are standardised across your practice so they always mean the same thing for every practitioner with no ambiguity.

Pop up reminders ensure you don't miss key clinical information.

Clear indication of medical alerts ensure treatment takes into account patient conditions and preferences.

Note history and attachments are available immediately prior to recording notes to ensure relevant clinical details can be referred to as required.

Recording practitioner is prominently shown in the note summary so each practitioner knows exactly who recorded the previous note and can adjust their clinical approach accordingly.

Never miss a note

Stop guessing and hoping that you are doing all the notes you need to be compliant. Now you'll know exactly when you've missed a note and you can easily get back on track.

Patients arrivals, no-shows and cancellations are processed directly from your practice management integration to ensure you only see appointments where notes should be taken.

Appointments are removed automatically once a note is recorded to help you focus on what notes need to be taken.

Drafts can be taken to start recording a note where you know further information is required. Draft notes have their own list so you won't forget to come back and finish what you have started.

Any appointments with missing notes are separately listed right in the App so you know what is outstanding and requires focus.

Practitioners are listed on the Instinctive Notes Web App with their missing note totals. Get your Assistants to remind you to complete your notes and help you keep on track.

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We'll take care of the data

Compliance has a set of technical requirements that must be met but are boring and we know you don't want to think about them. We take care of them all for you.

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Auto time stamping of every note with both when it was recorded and the time of the consultation.

Auto recording of practitioner and location. Instinctive knows who appointments are scheduled with, where they take place and the type of the appointment. All these details are auto recorded with the note.

Auto recording of changes to notes. Instinctive notes knows when a note is changed, requests a reason for the change and records all details of the change. It's a full audit control system without lifting a finger.

All details of a patient record are encrypted and securely stored in Australia. All communication is encrypted in transit.

All patient data is stored in highly available and redundant systems, it will be there when you need it. There are daily backups of all data (except attachments) in case they are required.

With our premium plan clinical notes can be sent to your practice management system automatically to provide an additional secure backup (Cliniko and Nookal only).

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