Assistant Productivity

Use Instinctive Notes for compliance and get bonus productivity for your assistants built right in.

Review patient information at the front desk

Know exactly which week to book appointments and exactly what products to sell to your patients. No more waiting on a practitioner to walk to the desk to tell you.

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Plan or wellness schedule information set by practitioners is available for all today's patients.

Plan schedules run 4 weeks back and 12 weeks forward and have visits recorded/appointments booked against every week so you know exactly what appointments to book in what weeks to meet the plan. (Appointments booked not available for Front Desk Integration).

Wellness schedules display time between appointments and between reviews. Match that to the displayed next appointment to know if you have to book a new appointment or not. (Next appointment not displayed for Front Desk Integration).

Products prescribed by the practitioner that you have available in practice are listed so you can make sure the patient leaves with everything they need to help them stay healthy.

Keep practitioner note taking on track

Compliance requires notes are recorded for every patient consultation. Missing notes are front and centre so you can remind practitioners if they fall behind.

Instinctive Notes knows when a practitioner has missed one of their notes, and now you do too.

Protect your practice by following up with your practitioners and ensuring they are up to date.

All active practitioners will be listed and the missing notes will exactly reflect the missing notes list in their Instinctive Notes App.

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Record Medical Alerts

Don't risk your practice by incorrectly treating a patient with a serious medical issue. Record medical alerts so practitioners know when to be extra careful.

Web Medical Alerts.png

Quickly add a medical alert for a patient and have it sync to your practitioners device as soon as they refresh.

Alerts are clearly indicated for each patient, both in the App and on the Web. Your practitioner will always know when to avoid or adjust their treatments just by checking in with Instinctive Notes.

Record General Patient Notes

There's all kinds of details to remember about a patient, record and remember everything you need.

Track patient relationships, key dates in patient history, their dogs name - add whatever you want to be reminded of.

All of it is synced right to the Instinctive Notes App so the practitioners will have the reminders when they need them.

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Upload Attachments

Collect all the patient documents streaming into your practice in a single place, easily and efficiently.

Web Client Attachments.png

Easily upload one or many documents through Instinctive Notes Web. They will be immediately available for viewing by practitioners in the Instinctive Notes App.

Many file types are supported including:

  • PDFs and Images

  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint

  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote

  • Text and CSV files

Favourite documents to sort them to the top of lists. Add a description to further detail the content of the document.

All This and Much More

See Messages from Practitioners

Patient specific messages from your practitioners can be reviewed in the main appointment list.

Review Patient Schedules

See a patients full attendance against their schedule plan and take action if they are missing appointments.

Review Patient Referrals

Patient specific referral instructions from your practitioners can be reviewed in the main appointment list.

Review Patient History

Review full history for a patient. Download history to CSV.

Review Patient Complaints

See the full list of patient complaints and what state each is in.

Filter Patient Appointments

Filter appointments by location or practitioner to drill down to exactly what you want to see.

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