Remove past appointments older than 4 weeks

Instinctive Notes moves any appointment which is missing a SOAP note to a “No Note” list. This assists practitioners in keeping on top of their note backlog and staying in compliance with the note taking regulations.

For some practitioners the number of notes on this list has grown to a substantial number, which is now impacting the performance of the Instinctive Notes app overall.

As a result all appointments with missing notes that are more than 4 weeks old are now auto removed from the “No Note” list.

If there is a specific note you need to process you can reactivate that appointment on Instinctive Notes web by going to a patient record and reviewing the “Removed Appointments” list. Any appointment reactivated will be available in the “No Note” list permanently until a note is taken.

In the future there will be a bulk reactivation list for a practitioner in case you need to get through all the removed appointments.

If you are still using Instinctive Notes version 1 then you will not able to reactivate an appointment as it will not appear on the app. Please upgrade to Instinctive Notes version 2 to process these notes.