Instinctive Notes 2.3.8 released

Improved features:

Medical alerts

Medical alerts are now prominently shown at the top of the client SOAP history screen and the client notes screen. A red bar will show across the top of the screen, including all the text for all recorded medical alerts. It’s impossible to miss.

The medical alert indicator “!” on the appointments list is now tappable to see the full list of medical alerts for that client. Now when you are reviewing your day you can see all patients you are seeing who have medical alerts and quickly tap them to see what the alerts are. You’ll always be prepared to treat your patients understanding exactly where additional care and attention is required.

Additional adjustment techniques

Now you can record technique failures for the adjustments you have performed. Where appropriate the technique list now has failure modes for many of the adjustment styles.

Additionally, techniques are captured in the order that you record them, if you apply a technique and it fails, then you apply it successfully, the failure will be recorded before the success and you can the sequence you took to deliver the appropriate adjustments.

Other improvements

Techniques can now be cleared with a tap of the “Clear All” button.

Appointments for the next two weeks are available for each patient, tap “Appointments” next to the Schedule section of the Plan Treatment page.

The reminder to enter the “Overall Rating” had now been removed.