Instinctive Notes 2.3.3 released

New features include:

Subjective Goals Section

Track patient goals over time in the Subjective section of the SOAP note. Choose from a standard list of goals and pick multiple goals to track. Great for wellness tracking where the patient has no specific complaint.

ROM Values in place of ROM Diagram

Track ROM values in place of a ROM Diagram. Copy default values to start from a standard position and adjust as required.

Choose the approach you prefer in settings.

New fields

Objective screen now has an additional notes field for general comments.

Assessment screen now has a “Diagnosis” field to track an initial diagnosis which is copied forward from previous notes.

Assessment screen now has an “Underlying Conditions” field to capture details of any conditions which are not necessarily being treated but may impact treatment.

Other Improvements:

  • Additional onset triggers for complaints

  • Additional exercises

  • Additional home recommendations

  • Additional muscle techniques

Bug Fixes:

  • Numerous small bug fixes are included in this release