Instinctive Notes 2.3.4 released

New features include:


A referrals field, with standard pick list options has been added to the Plan - Treatment screen.

This field tracks referrals you have made for a patient in a particular consultation. The referral details are show on the Instinctive Notes Web App so that your Assistant can easily see that a referral form needs to be prepared.

Exercise Updates

New tools field for exercises with a standard pick list of common tools that may be used during exercise.

Improvements to fields in exercises to speed up adding exercise detail

Additional exercises added to the standard list.

Other Improvements

  • Search within the muscle list to improve scrolling

  • SOAP Note header now includes client name on each screen for easy identification

Bug fixes

Numerous small bug fixes are included in this release.

Instinctive Notes App 1.9 - iOS 10 Compatibility

Instinctive Notes App 1.9 has been released.

iOS 10 Compatibility

The Instinctive Notes App is fully compatible with iOS 10 and we recommend you download verision 1.9 before updating to iOS 10 to avoid any compatibility issues.

iOS 9 will continue to be supported, which is our usual approach to supporting the last 2 releases of iOS.

For this update we are also continuing to support iOS 8, which will remain supported until version 2.0 of the Instinctive Notes App is released.

Instinctive Notes App 1.7 - History during note taking, muscle info

Instinctive Notes App 1.7 has been released.

Note History

You can now access note history while taking or editing your notes which was previously a real pain to do.

Just use the "More" tab while in a note and tap the "History" line to see at least the last 5 notes recorded. If you want to see all previous notes then "Pull to refresh" on the Client History screen before you start taking a note.

Muscle Additions

The following additions have been made to options for muscles

  • Dry Needling
  • Functional Strapping
  • Rigid Taping



Clinical notes sorted by appointment time in App

The Instinctive Notes App now sorts clinical notes by the date and time you saw a client instead of when you recorded the note.

Processing backlog just got a whole lot easier as you don't need to worry about the order you process your appointments in, everything will sort in the order you saw your clients automatically.

All your previous notes have been automatically updated to follow the new sorting.

The date and time that the note was recorded is still stored with the note to comply with the Chiropractic Board note taking requirements.