Add arrived today filter to home page

Instinctive Notes now processes arrival details from your source practice management system.

To take advantage of this information the default home page view is now 'Arrived Today'. This view lists all patients who have been set as arrived, sorted by the reverse chronological arrival time.

Arrived Today allows your CA's to focus on only those patients who are present, excluding those who are likely no shows.

Setting the arrival time depends on the use of the Arrivals in your practice management system and the exact time stamp will depend on the system you use.


For Cliniko the arrivals are updated every minute and the arrival times are generally the same as when the arrival was set in Cliniko.

Front Desk

For Front Desk the arrivals are updated every five minutes and arrival times are set at the time the update is processed. Therefore arrival times could be up to five minutes out of date. This is a limitation of the connection we have with Front Desk.