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Get going with the minimum of configuration. You don't need to spend hours setting up code templates, adjustment methods, pick lists or scheduling options before you get started. Just sign up, pick your specialties and start taking notes.

Standard code templates

There are all kinds of chiropractic techniques out there. You can get started quickly with one of our standard code templates.

Diversified Codes

Diversified Codes iPhone X.png

Includes smart double tap for Posterior or Anterior codes.

Gonstead Codes

Gonstead Codes iPhone X.png

Codes are arranged to follow the spine with underlining for smart double tap codes.

Thompson Codes

Thompson Codes iPhone X.png

SOT Codes

SOT Codes iPhone X.png

Includes special coding for CMRT adjustments.

Applied Kinesiology Codes

AK Codes iPhone X.png

ABC Protocol Codes

ABC Protocol Codes iPhone X.png

Adjustment methods

Optionally add how you performed a technique to any selected code, including custom codes.

Code Techniques iPhone X.png

Adjustment methods are the 'How' to your adjustment codes 'What'. They record the approach you used when performing an adjustment.

Methods include:

  • Activator

  • Blocks

  • Cervical Chair

  • Drop Piece

  • Finger Pressure

  • Hi-Lo Table

  • Involved Side Down

  • Involved Side Up

  • Knee Chest Table

  • Manual

  • Prone

  • Supine

  • Wing Lift

  • X - Fail

  • M1 - Small Movement

  • M2 - Good Movement

  • M3 - Too Much Movement

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