Easy to understand pricing to suit how your practice operates

Standard Plan Pricing

$10 / month / Practitioner

$30 / month / Location

$20 /month for MINDBODY

Premium Plan Pricing

$10 / month / Practitioner

$80 / month / Location

$20 / month for MINDBODY

Prices in Australian Dollars. Prices exclude GST and all other taxes.
Minimum price $40 / month.

Standard Plan Features

Unlimited Compliant Notes
(Includes all note taking features)

Data flows From Practice Management Integration
to Instinctive Notes only*

Instinctive API access (beta) not included

Standard Support

Premium Plan Features

Unlimited Compliant Notes
(Includes all note taking features)

Data flows to and from Instinctive Notes
Including treatment notes*

Instinctive API access (beta) included

Priority Support

*To see exactly what data flows are included with your Practice Management System check the Integrations Menu above.
Note that we are unable to send data back to Front Desk and data flows back to Front Desk are not included in the premium plan

Every plan includes

Unlimited Notes

Take as many notes as you need without restrictions. Each practitioner can grow their client base without worrying about limits.

Unlimited Attachments

Add as many attachments as you need, just keep each one under 10MB in size. Store everything related to your client in one place.

Unlimited Devices

Want to use Instinctive Notes on an iPad in your practice and an iPhone at home. No problem, you can install Instinctive Notes on as many devices as you need with your notes synced across all devices automatically.

Free Support

Get all the help you need, when you need it. We want you to get the most out of Instinctive Notes without worrying about extra costs.

Quick Answers

Ask questions in the messenger inside the App or below for quick answers to your questions.

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Common questions

What counts as a practitioner?

A person who takes a clinical note during the billing period is counted as a practitioner for that month. You can set up practitioners ahead of time and you won't be charged until they start taking notes.

What counts as a LOCATION?

Locations mirror your practice management system setup. If a practitioner records a note assigned to a location during the billing period then that location is counted for that month.

What professions are supported?

Instinctive Notes is an opinionated approach to clinical note taking. Currently we only support chiropractic clinical notes.

What integrations are supported?

Instinctive Notes connects with third party practice management systems in order to list your upcoming appointments.

Currently we have the following Integrations:

There are more integrations to come.

What devices do I need?

To take clinical notes you need an iOS device connected to the internet. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can all be used. We currently support iOS 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Additional features are available on our website, which you can access from any device with an internet connection.

How does the 30 day trial work?

There is no risk and no credit card required to sign up. When your 30 day trial is ending simply add your card details and you're good to go.

Are there any up front costs?

Nope. There are no costs to get started. Sign up, download the free app and go.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Nope. We want you to use Instinctive Notes because you love it, not because you are locked in. You can cancel your account at any time and will never be billed again.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. We only accept payments online.

Any other questions?

Send a quick question in the messenger below and we'll get straight back to you.