Cliniko Integration

Instinctive Notes is the Cliniko App you wish you had when taking your notes. Add our compliant note taking to Clinko, one of the best practice management systems out there, and watch your productivity take off.

How does it all work

Using the Cliniko API, which allows secure access to Cliniko, Instinctive Notes utilises your Cliniko data and enhances the Cliniko experience.

You want the information you already have in Cliniko to be available without having to think about it. Instinctive Notes collects Cliniko data every five minutes during the working day so that your client and appointment lists in the Instinctive Notes App are up to date.

Everything just works so you can focus on running your practice with Cliniko and taking your clinical notes with Instinctive Notes.

Recently, I’ve moved to Cliniko, and Instinctive Notes has integrated perfectly with the online software - it’s great to know that we are now truly paperless. This is awesome software!
— Dr Dominic Flynn, Chiropractor, Thrive Chiropractic, Australia

What data is transferred?

We leverage the Cliniko API to maximise the benefits of integrating with Instinctive Notes.
Data transferred depends on the Instinctive Notes plan you are on.

Standard Plan

Data only flows from Cliniko to Instinctive Notes.

The following is transferred from Cliniko every night:

  • Appointment Types

  • Businesses

  • Patients

  • Practitioners

  • Products

  • Settings

  • Users

The following is transferred from Cliniko every 5 minutes:

  • Appointments

Premium Plan

Two way data flows between Cliniko and Instinctive Notes.

In addition to standard plan data the following can be transferred from Instinctive Notes to Cliniko:

  • Instinctive Soap Notes to Cliniko Treatment Notes

Just tap to refresh

That's all you have to do to get all your Cliniko data into the Instinctive Notes App.

Appointment List.png

Your appointments are listed direct from Cliniko. Any updates, cancellations or no shows will be automatically processed from the list.

Appointment type colours, which perfectly match what you have set up in Cliniko, let you know exactly why you are seeing each of your clients.

It couldn't be easier.

Seriously easy to set up

All you need is your Cliniko API key and you're up and running.

Cliniko Sign Up.png

You've been there before. Promises of tight integration between products just don't stack up. Configure this, load that. Spend time keeping it all running. Your time is just too valuable to waste.

You want to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. So that's why we leverage all the information you already have in Cliniko to streamline the setup process.

All you need to do is enter your Cliniko API Key and select the practitioners and users you would like to add to Instinctive Notes. By the time you have logged into the Instinctive Notes App on your iPhone or iPad your appointments will already be available.

Import Cliniko note history

Get a unified note history in Instinctive Notes from day one.

If you've been using Cliniko for a while you may have been recording notes using the configured Cliniko templates.

You can jump start your note history in Instinctive Notes with a one off upload of your note history from Cliniko.

Simply export all your treatment notes from Cliniko and send them to us to be loaded into Instinctive Notes and you'll have your full client note history available right in the  Instinctive Notes App.

Please note there is an additional fee for uploading notes.

Want to know more about Cliniko


"Cliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 55 countries worldwide. Manage schedules, treatment notes, invoices, payments and lots more. It works great for solo practitioners, large teams and anything in between."

If you don't use Cliniko to manage your practice and want to know more, just hop on over to the Cliniko Web Site, you won't be disappointed.

As you would expect, we think Cliniko works even better when linked with Instinctive Notes. Why don't you try us both today.

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