The Complete Patient Record all in One Place

Not just part of the record, not multiple places, get everything you have about a patient just by tapping on their name.

Subjective Notes

Whether a patient is seeing you for general wellness or for specific complaints they all have a story.

Note - Subjective.png

Immediately see if a patient has a medical alert. Tap to see exactly what is going on and adjust your treatment accordingly.

Record your patients overall wellness every visit with a simple tap.

Record you patients health goals to know exactly what they are trying to achieve with a glance.

Record and update patient complaints during your initial consultations and reviews. Categorisation, onset, frequency and pain details can all be captured. Track multiple complaints for each patient and manage them independently.

During standard treatments quickly record self ratings for each complaint to track patient progress.

Complaints are linked to every note you record until they are resolved, you have the complete history of both the complaints and the treatments all in one place.

Add any additional subjective notes you require to build an overall picture of the clients story.

Objective Notes

You know exactly what to examine for every patient, now you can record it easily as well.

Track your test results the same way in every exam with standardised tests. Each test comes with a simple overview to help you remember any key points for the tests you are performing.

Write directly on the iPad or iPhone screen as you detail Range of Motion and Body chart details for your patient.

Alternatively choose to track range of motion with numerical values for extra accuracy.

Attach documents directly to the objective note for anything provided by the patient in the course of their visit.

Quickly refer to previous test results through the SOAP History to determine your patients progress and response to your treatments.

Note - Objective Tests.png

Assessment Notes

You've formed a view on what's causing the patient complaint, get it out of your head and into their assessment.

Note - Assessment Clean.png

Based on your subjective and objective findings, plus your professional experience, record your initial diagnosis for a patient which is always available to refer on every note recorded. Easily understand how a patient has progressed since an initial diagnosis.

Record any underlying conditions which may impact your observations and treatment for a patients.

Record your assessment of the patients condition based on their subjective descriptions and your objective analysis.

Consider progress and update the diagnosis as required during treatments and reviews.

Plan Treatment Notes

Use buttons and pick lists to build your notes and banish long form free text to what it's best at, ad-hoc additional comments.

Quick taps record the adjustments performed. A mix of up to 4 standard and custom templates can be configured to meet your individual requirements. For each adjustment record the technique used to apply it, or record if it failed to work.

Select from pick lists for all Muscles, Organs, Limbs or Cranials worked on during the patient visit. Add treatment options to muscle and limb work so it's clear exactly how the treatment was performed.

Plan details of future treatments, either with 12 weeks of detailed week by week scheduling, or a simple frequency approach. Compare actual patient visits with their plan schedule over recent weeks to see if they are keeping to their treatment plan.

Schedule details are available to Assistants at your front desk in real time so they know exactly what appointments to book for the patient going forward.

Record and send a message to your reception staff for a patient consultation. Reception staff can review the message on and take necessary actions.

Record a referral for a patient and send the detail to your reception for action. Reception staff can review referral messages on and take necessary actions.

Note - Plan Treatment Plan Schedule.png

Plan Home Care Notes

Know exactly what you asked a patient to do between visits so you can ask them as they walk through the door.

Note - Plan Home Care.png

Prescribe products for patients to take or use between treatments. The products list is copied from Cliniko, Nookal or Mindbody so they represent what you actually provide in practice. Front Desk users can build their own list of products.

Products selected are available to Assistants at your front desk in real time so they know exactly what products to provide or sell to the patient before they leave the clinic

Note general recommendations for patient focus to help them improve their lifestyle and well being.

Prescribe an exercise program to assist the patient with their specific complaints.

General Notes / Medical Alerts

Remember all the other details about a patient, both little and really really big.

Record general information and medical alerts for your patients.

Share them with your assistants who can edit and add to patient information on Instinctive Notes.

Medical alerts will appear during note taking so you are always aware of serious issues before you start your treatment.

Track patient relationships, key dates in patient history, their dogs name - add whatever you want to be reminded of.

Client Notes List.png

Patient Attachments

No more hunting for that important X-ray, or referral, or medical history, or... well you get the picture. All documents for a patient are now available right on your device at all times.

Client Attachments List.png

Tap an attachment and it pops right up on your screen. Use all the standard iOS interactions you know, pinch to zoom or double tap to zoom in and out.

Attach documents direct from your camera roll. Images in email or on the web can be easily saved to the camera roll and then attached. Or, take a picture of anything and upload it on the spot.

If you have a whole set of attachments it's a cinch for your assistants to load them up all at once. PDF's, Word/Excel/Powerpoint and Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote documents can all be loaded in bulk and viewed directly on your iPhone or iPad.

There is no limit to the number of attachments you store and no additional costs.


You see hundreds of patients a week, so don't rely on your memory to know why each one is seeing you.

See every complaint for a patient and the status of each one. Full detail is provided right in the list so you know exactly where a patient is with each complaint. Know what is resolved and what you are still working on at a glance.

Drill down to see how details of the complaint have changed over time and how the patient has been responding to treatment visit to visit.

Client Complaints List.png

All This and Much more

Treatment Techniques

Record application techniques for all treatments performed. Choose from over 17 techniques including, Manual, Activator, Drop Piece, Hi-Lo Table, Wing Lift and more. Special techniques are available to track when your treatment didn't work, or had too little or too much impact.

Smart Double Tap On Codes

The Diversified and Gonstead code templates allow double tap selection to record alternative treatments. Switch from Posterior to Anterior code just by double tapping.

Appointment Types For Notes

All notes recorded are tagged and colour coded with the type from the originating appointment.

Prompts for Subjective Information

Missing overall and complaint ratings will result in a prompt to enter the details

Prompts for Plan Schedules

Missing plan schedules will result in a prompt to enter the details.

Quickly delete copied details

If you are not using the copied details simply tap the remove all link and the details will be cleared.

Unlimited attachments

As many as you like, each up to 10MB in size.

Supported Attachment types

Attach PDFs and Images, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Text and CSV files

Attachment overwrite protection

Versions are stored for 30 days for overwritten attachments and can be restored if required.

See Future Appointments

See details of appointments booked in the next two weeks (one week for Front Desk) while recording your note and considering your treatment schedule.

Encrypted Storage

All data and attachments are encrypted while stored and require valid credentials to view.

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