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Frequently Asked Questions

What professions are supported?

Instinctive Notes is an opinionated approach to clinical note taking.

Currently we only support chiropractic clinical notes.

What chiropractic specialties are supported?

Instinctive Notes provides standard templates for the following chiropractic specialties:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • SOT
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Thompson
  • ABC Protocol

These templates provide easy to use use standard codes for each of the specialties, and you can use up to three specialties at one time in the Instinctive Notes App.

Additional specialties can be added so let us know if there is a new specialty you would like to see Instinctive Notes support as a standard template.

Can I customise the codes I record?

Yes. The Instinctive Notes custom codes feature allows setting up custom codes for your practice which are available right alongside the standard codes when you are recording a treatment note.

Instinctive Notes will continue to be focused on code standardisation across as many chiropractic specialties as possible to jump start your treatment notes by supporting a range of standard and specialist techniques right out of the box.

Standard codes provide:

  • Easier compliance with the Chiropractic Board Guidelines on clinical record keeping which require clinical notes to be legible and understandable by another chiropractor
  • Much easier sharing of your notes with other Chiropractors
  • Easier introduction of associates into your practice
  • Easier for a locum to fill in for you or your associates
  • Opportunities for reporting and understanding your treatment approach and how it compares to other chiropractors in the industry

Even with all these benefits we recognise that you operate in a very diverse environment and the standard codes may not support all the possible requirements that you have as a Chiropractic Professional. Custom codes are here to help you.

If you would like to know more check out our custom codes guide.

Can I take Initial Consultations or Reviews in the Instinctive Notes App?

We currently support adding initial consultation or review notes through the file attachment feature of Instinctive Notes. You can add many types of attachments and view them right in the Instinctive Notes App alongside your treatment notes.

If you would like to know more check out our file attachments guide.

In the future Instinctive Notes will have native support for all kinds of assessment notes. Similar to treatment notes the App will aim to standardise initial consultations and reviews as much as possible, while allowing for some element of customisation to support your specific needs. 

What devices do I need?

To take clinical notes you need an iOS device connected to the internet.

The Instinctive Notes App runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and we currently support iOS 8 and 9.

Additional features are available on the Instinctive Notes Web Site, au.instinctivenotes.com which you can access from any device with an Internet connection and modern browser.

We have found that several of our customers using the Instinctive Notes App have bought iPad minis as they are easy to hold, and look professional with their clients.

Instinctive Notes does not support Android and there are no current plans for an Android app.

What is the Instinctive Notes Web Site, and how is it different from the Instinctive Notes App?

The Instinctive Notes Web Site is where:

  • Your Assistants can view schedule information you record in your clinical notes to assist with forward appointment booking
  • You can attach files in bulk to a client
  • You can view and download full client note history and files
  • You can set up new users, or maintain account settings
  • Where any user can set their own preferences

The Instinctive Notes App is where practitioners will spend the vast majority of their time, recording clinical notes and other important client information.

What happens when I don’t have internet connectivity or the service is unavailable?

The Instinctive Notes App is designed to work offline.  If you don’t have connectivity for some reason, or Cliniko or the Instinctive Notes web service is unavailable, you can continue taking notes and these will be sent to Instinctive Notes when you do get connectivity again.  You can safely work offline, knowing your notes are safe, and will be synced up to the cloud when available.

If there is an extended period without connectivity then your Appointments list will become out of date. You can continue to taking clinical notes for your clients even if there is no appointment (see above).

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