Support for Assistants who Support Your Practice

Start removing the process friction between you and your assistant.

Review schedule information at the front desk

Schedule client appointments without fuss, well into the future, with up to date and comprehensive schedules for every client on today's appointment list. Available for assistants right on the Instinctive Notes Web Site.


See schedule information for clients on today's appointment list. Clients show in reverse order of appointment up until the current time to make them easy to find.

Schedules are updated as soon as a new note is recorded.

Filters are available to see current vs all today's appointments, and to see only appointments for a particular location or practitioner at a time.

Treatment plans show the next eight weeks of planned appointments and include the number of notes already recorded for the current week.

Wellness plans show the current appointment cycle and the number of visits before a client should be booked in for a review.

Review your day before you start by selectively seeing all today's appointments from start to finish along with any previously recorded schedule history.

Keep practitioner note taking on track

See exactly who is up to date with their notes and who has notes outstanding.

Instinctive Notes knows when a practitioner has missed one of their notes, and now you do too.

Protect your practice by following up with your practitioners and ensuring they are up to date.

All active practitioners will be listed and the missing notes will exactly reflect the missing notes list on their Instinctive Notes App.

Upload Attachments

Collect all the client documents streaming into your practice in a single place, easily and efficiently

Easily upload one or many documents through the Instinctive Notes Web Site.

Many file types are supported including:

  • PDFs and Images
  • Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • Text and CSV files

Favourite documents to sort them to the top of lists. Add a description to further detail the content of the document.

All documents can be viewed directly by practitioners in the Instinctive Notes App.

Review and Download Client History

All client history and attachments are stored in one place and available at the click of a button.

Review full history for a client.

Download a CSV file with the full clinical note history for easy sharing.

Review and download all attachments stored with the clients record.

Review Client Schedules and Attendance

See your client's attendance against your treatment plan and make sure their pain improves as expected.

A full schedule and attendance history is recorded for every client on a treatment plan.

See at a glance if your client is on the road to recovery or is missing out on vital treatment.

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