Auto create appointment types for Front Desk accounts

Previously appointments would not be synced unless an Appointment Type was set up. This lead to a substantial number of missing appointments if this setup step was not complete.

Now Instinctive Notes will automatically set up all unknown Appointment Types from Front Desk, and give them a random colour so that they show up in a Practitioners appointment list correctly.

For Front Desk accounts, Appointment type colours can be changed by and Admin by going to “Settings >> Appointment Types”.

Process delayed appointment cancellations

Appointment cancellations were not being processed if the cancellation was made more than two days after the appointment was due to occur. This would mean that appointments could remain in the “No Note” list of a practitioner when they should be removed.

Now there is a months grace on appointment cancellations and the Practitioners “No Note” list will be shorter as a result.

Instinctive Notes 2.2 released

New features include:

Medical Alerts Icon

Alert icon appears in the Appointment list to warn of a medical alert for the patient which should be reviewed before treatment.

Other Improvements:

  • Better sorting of lists to show selected items at the top

  • Additional home recommendations added

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent empty client notes being saved

  • Layout fixes for iPhone X

Instinctive Notes 2.1 released

New features include:

Password autofill

Passwords saved in iCloud Keychain can be auto-filled into the Instinctive Notes App login screen.

Multiple passwords can be saved to make it easy to share a device between practitioners.

All passwords are added to the Keychain of the iCloud account for the device.

Passwords are shared with Instinctive Notes Web for any device using the came iCloud account.

Add Attachment within a SOAP Note

Attachments can be added to a patient file in the middle of recording a note.

Take a photo, pick from your photo library or use the files app to add attachments.

Bug fixes for the following:

  • Deleting past appointments

  • Uploading attachments from iPads

  • Complaint history

Instinctive Notes version 2 released

Version 2 of the Instinctive Notes App has been released.

The app has been rebuilt from the ground up based on the AHPRA Note taking requirements and aims to be compliant with them.

Substantial new features have been added in support of compliance, including:

  • Full SOAP notes
  • Wellness tracking
  • Complaint management
  • Test result tracking
  • ROM and posture/pain diagrams
  • In note attachments
  • Assessments/Diagnosis
  • More options for code templates
  • Product prescriptions
  • Home recommendations
  • Exercise prescriptions

In addition, substantial improvements to the data held on device, security and performance have been included with version 2.

To see all the details of Instinctive Notes App version 2 just check out our Web site at

Option to hide patient treatment details from Assistants

Patient treatment history and other medical details can be hidden from Assistant users via a setting on their user record.

Details are automatically hidden for all new assistant users.

To turn on viewing of treatment details go to “Settings >> Assistants” with an Admin user account. Select the assistant user to change and select “Can this assistant view medical records?” to “yes”.

After saving the assistant will now be able to view treatments and other medical details in Instinctive Notes Web.

Add patient Merge and Archive

Instinctive Notes can now archive and merge patient records.

When a patient is archived they can still be seen in Instinctive Notes Web but will be removed from the Instinctive Notes App automatically (version 2 only). So by archiving your patients you keep all their history but keep your daily App interactions easier.

Archived patients in Cliniko or MINDBODY are automatically archived in Instinctive Notes.

When a patient is merged all history of the removed patient is transferred to the remaining patient. Notes, appointment, schedules, complaints and attachments are all automatically transferred. The removed patient is removed from the Instinctive Notes App automatically (version 2 only).

Merges in Cliniko and MINDBODY cannot be automatically processed as their API's do not share the details of the patient who is remaining. They will have to be merged in Instinctive Notes after being merged in the source practice management system.

Due to the nature of the Front Desk integration there is not automation of archiving and merging. These will always need to be processed manually in Instinctive Notes.


Add Intercom messaging system

Instinctive Notes now integrates the Intercom messaging system into Instinctive Notes Web. You can get help at any time by clicking the Intercom Smile at the bottom right of our web pages.

Using messages for support is a vast improvement over email for both users and support staff.

It is easy to see your support history all in one place and we can leverage a better understanding of the types of support questions we receive to help improve support in the future.

Intercom messaging will be built into Instinctive Notes version 2 so you will be able to ask a questions whenever you need to right inside the App.

If you have a question, just send us a message.

Add MINDBODY Integration


Instinctive Notes now integrates to the MINDBODY practice management system.

The integration combines the flexibility of the MINDBODY with the compliance of Instinctive Notes.

Using the MINDBODY API critical patient and appointment information is sent to Instinctive Notes on a regular basis allowing the recording of compliant clinical notes directly against your appointment book.

For more information on the MINDBODY integration check out

Instinctive Notes passes 300,000 notes recorded

Today Instinctive Notes passed 300,000 notes recorded. As a group you are currently recording almost than 150,000 notes per year which is amazing.

We'd like to thank all our customers, both present and past, for helping us to get to this milestone. It goes without saying, we couldn't have done it without you.

We are grateful for everyone who puts their faith in us and we will continue working to increase the value that Instinctive Notes provides all of you every day.

Bring on the next 300,000.

Allow client notes to be updated on Instinctive Notes Web

Client notes can now be updated by your Chiropractic Assistants in the Instinctive Notes Web App.

Notes have always been displayed in the Client's record on the web. Now there is a simple "edit" link beside the note which allows adding to or updating the client level note. Medical alert status can also be set and any changes are synced up with the Instinctive Notes App for viewing by practitioners.

So if there is key client information which a CA can enter ahead of time they can now do it directly for you, removing the need to add the client level notes yourself, and giving you more time to focus on your clients and your practice.

Allow admin users to change/reset passwords

Admin users can now change or reset passwords of all other users in your Instinctive Notes account.

Simply sign in to the Instinctive Notes Web App navigate to "Settings" >> "Users" and select the user you want to update. Type the new password and save.

As well as being able to reset passwords if you forget them, this change can enhance security for the use of Instinctive Notes and the protection of your data.

With an admin account controlling passwords you can restrict your users to logging in on specific devices only, by setting the password and then logging them in yourself. If you are at all worried about data access you can now restrict any of your practitioners to only using Instinctive Notes while in the office on a device that you specify, and nowhere else.

Instinctive Notes passes 200,000 notes recorded

Today Instinctive Notes passed 200,000 notes recorded. As a group you are currently recorded more than 100,000 notes per year which is amazing.

We'd like to thank all our customers, both present and past, for helping us to get to this milestone. It goes without saying, we couldn't have done it without you.

We are grateful for everyone who puts their faith in us and we will continue working to increase the value that Instinctive Notes provides all of you every day.

Bring on the next 200,000.