Clinical note syncing with Practice Management systems

This one’s a big one.

Today we have released syncing of Clinical notes with your practice management systems. We are progressively building this feature so not all integrations are yet complete.

This feature is part of our new Premium plan so it won’t be for everybody, but if you are keen to have all your treatment notes in your practice management system, either to have a full backup, to allow PDF printing or just to increase your flexibility then this is a great option for you.

You configure the option under “Settings >> Account” in the Instinctive Notes Web App at but before you do you will need to upgrade to the Premium plan under the “Settings >> Subscription” option.

Clinical note syncing is the first major benefit of the Premium plan. Future benefits may include, sending other data back to your practice management systems, access to an Instinctive Notes API to enhance your productivity and benefits, access to future integrations or guaranteed attachment storage.

Here are the details of how it will work with each system we integrate with.


Clinical notes can be sent to Cliniko. Notes are stored as Cliniko treatment notes and work as follows:

  • Notes are sent to Cliniko immediately after they are recorded in Instinctive Notes

  • All the Instinctive Notes detail is included in a well organised structured note

  • The time of the note is set to the appointment consultation time so the notes are stored in the correct order no matter which order they were recorded in

  • Where an appointment exists they are linked to that appointment, the treatment note indicator in the Cliniko appointment book is automatically set

  • All edits to clinical notes in Instinctive Notes will be updated in Cliniko, this is not possible with standard Cliniko notes as there is no way to edit a note after it is recorded


Clinical notes can be sent to Nookal. Notes sent to Nookal are stored as clinical notes and work as follows:

  • Notes are sent to Nookal immediately after they are recorded in Instinctive Notes.

  • Updated to notes in Instinctive Notes are recorded in Nookal as new notes as the Nookal API does not currently allow updating an existing note. We expect to change this behaviour to edit notes when the Nookal API allows.

  • All the Instinctive Notes detail is included in a well organised structured note

  • The time of the note is set to the appointment consultation time so the notes are stored in the correct order no matter which order they were recorded in

  • Where an appointment exists they are linked to that appointment, the treatment note indicator in the Nookal appointment book is automatically set


Clinical notes can not yet be sent to MINDBODY.

Due to the restrictions on SOAP and Progress notes in MINDBODY it is highly likely that clinical notes from Instinctive Notes will be sent as a PDF Document attached to a patients record.

This feature will be delivered in the future

Front Desk

Clinical notes are not able to be sent to Front Desk.

Due to technical limitations we are unable to send clinical notes, or any other data, to Front Desk. This limitation is unlikely to change so notes will remain stored in Instinctive Notes only.

Instinctive Notes 2.3.6 released

New features:

Expanded custom codes

Custom code screens are expanded to 80 buttons per screen. This is a doubling of the previous limit and provides a substantial increase in flexibility when creating custom code screens.

Remember also, if you have particularly complex requirements for custom codes please get in touch with us. It may be more effective to create a standard template to fit your requirements.

View upcoming appointments

A link is now available next a patients schedule to view appointments upcoming in the next two weeks. You can now see exactly when a patient is booked in to see if they’re following your schedule correctly.

For Front Desk this is limited to the next week only.

Other improvements

Various UI improvements for readability on the iPad.

Instinctive Notes 2.3.5 released

New features include:

New technique options

Many new options included for adding the technique used when performing an adjustment.

  • Involved Side Up

  • Involved Side Down

  • Knee Chest Table

  • Cervical Chair

  • Hi-Lo Table

  • Prone

  • Supine

  • Wing lift

  • Adjustment Failure

  • Small Movement

  • Good Movement

  • Too Much Movement

Pick any 4 technique buttons as shortcuts in user settings. All other techniques can be quickly accessed in behind the 5th button on the screen.

Plan schedule display data

The overview screen for plan schedule data now includes a count of future appointments booked for the patient against the plan.

Quickly see if the correct patient appointments have been booked for the next six weeks for this patient.

Note that Front Desk appointments are only available for the upcoming week, and week’s 2-6 will show zero appointments booked even though they are available in Front Desk.

Other improvements

  • Searching has been added to most lists to make it easier to quickly select the item you need. Exercises, Goal, Organs, Cranials, Referrals, Products, Recommendations and Complaints are now all searchable

  • New exercises added

  • New complaint onset triggers and frequencies added

Bug fixes

  • Plan schedule colouring fixed for cell 4 weeks back

Instinctive Notes API released in restricted beta

Instinctive Notes now has an API which allows access to a limited subset of clinical note information.

By using an Instinctive Notes API Key you can allow a third party to have access to your Instinctive Notes data.

When released the API will be available as part of a new Premium subscription tier.

If you would like early access to the API please get in touch at

Documentation for the current API is at

Instinctive Notes 2.3.4 released

New features include:


A referrals field, with standard pick list options has been added to the Plan - Treatment screen.

This field tracks referrals you have made for a patient in a particular consultation. The referral details are show on the Instinctive Notes Web App so that your Assistant can easily see that a referral form needs to be prepared.

Exercise Updates

New tools field for exercises with a standard pick list of common tools that may be used during exercise.

Improvements to fields in exercises to speed up adding exercise detail

Additional exercises added to the standard list.

Other Improvements

  • Search within the muscle list to improve scrolling

  • SOAP Note header now includes client name on each screen for easy identification

Bug fixes

Numerous small bug fixes are included in this release.

Instinctive Notes 2.3.3 released

New features include:

Subjective Goals Section

Track patient goals over time in the Subjective section of the SOAP note. Choose from a standard list of goals and pick multiple goals to track. Great for wellness tracking where the patient has no specific complaint.

ROM Values in place of ROM Diagram

Track ROM values in place of a ROM Diagram. Copy default values to start from a standard position and adjust as required.

Choose the approach you prefer in settings.

New fields

Objective screen now has an additional notes field for general comments.

Assessment screen now has a “Diagnosis” field to track an initial diagnosis which is copied forward from previous notes.

Assessment screen now has an “Underlying Conditions” field to capture details of any conditions which are not necessarily being treated but may impact treatment.

Other Improvements:

  • Additional onset triggers for complaints

  • Additional exercises

  • Additional home recommendations

  • Additional muscle techniques

Bug Fixes:

  • Numerous small bug fixes are included in this release

Add Nookal integration

This is a big one for us.

We have just released our 4th Integration, with the Nookal Practice Management system.

The API is fully featured so Nookal accounts are able to operate similarly to our other API based integrations, Cliniko and Mindbody.

Note taking will operate in exactly the same manner as all of our accounts.

If you are interested in trying Nookal with Instinctive Notes you can get started at

There is a setup guide for connecting Instinctive Notes with Nookal at

If you have any questions on this one please get in touch using the messenger below.

Instinctive Notes 2.3.1 released

New features include:

New Objective Tab in SOAP Notes:

See summary of test results, ROM and Body Diagrams and attachments on the objective tab.

Record test results from both your favourites and the full test list without having to change your settings.

Draw on ROM and Body diagrams with multiple colours.

Reception Message:

Add reception message to the Plan - Treatment tab.

Reception message is available for viewing by Assistants on Instinctive Notes Web.

Bug Fixes:

  • Recommendations crash when selecting a particular list item

Auto create appointment types for Front Desk accounts

Previously appointments would not be synced unless an Appointment Type was set up. This lead to a substantial number of missing appointments if this setup step was not complete.

Now Instinctive Notes will automatically set up all unknown Appointment Types from Front Desk, and give them a random colour so that they show up in a Practitioners appointment list correctly.

For Front Desk accounts, Appointment type colours can be changed by and Admin by going to “Settings >> Appointment Types”.

Process delayed appointment cancellations

Appointment cancellations were not being processed if the cancellation was made more than two days after the appointment was due to occur. This would mean that appointments could remain in the “No Note” list of a practitioner when they should be removed.

Now there is a months grace on appointment cancellations and the Practitioners “No Note” list will be shorter as a result.

Instinctive Notes 2.2 released

New features include:

Medical Alerts Icon

Alert icon appears in the Appointment list to warn of a medical alert for the patient which should be reviewed before treatment.

Other Improvements:

  • Better sorting of lists to show selected items at the top

  • Additional home recommendations added

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent empty client notes being saved

  • Layout fixes for iPhone X

Instinctive Notes 2.1 released

New features include:

Password autofill

Passwords saved in iCloud Keychain can be auto-filled into the Instinctive Notes App login screen.

Multiple passwords can be saved to make it easy to share a device between practitioners.

All passwords are added to the Keychain of the iCloud account for the device.

Passwords are shared with Instinctive Notes Web for any device using the came iCloud account.

Add Attachment within a SOAP Note

Attachments can be added to a patient file in the middle of recording a note.

Take a photo, pick from your photo library or use the files app to add attachments.

Bug fixes for the following:

  • Deleting past appointments

  • Uploading attachments from iPads

  • Complaint history