Schedule Your Clients However You Need To See Them

No matter how simple or complex the schedule is for your clients a couple of taps is all you need.

Manage client schedules quickly and easily

Your client's future appointment schedule is their treatment plan. Record it right inside your treatment note.

Develop a detailed plan, up to 12 weeks long, including weekly frequency and when to schedule review appointments.

Or put your client on a simple wellness regimen, specifying number of weeks between appointments and how many appointments before you want to review their progress.

Make sure your clients stick to their schedule

Give your treatment the best chance of success. See if your client is following your plan right inside your treatment note and provide feedback on the spot.

See actual notes recorded against your planned schedule for the previous three weeks. Red colour coding let's you know at a glance if a client is missing their schedule.

See planned appointments for the upcoming four weeks. Future review weeks will be marked in yellow.

Keep your assistant on top of your scheduling

Your client schedules are available to your assistants right on the Instinctive Notes home page. Schedules are updated just seconds after your notes are saved. If you don't have time your last saved schedule is available. You don't need to do a thing, the appointments will practically book themselves.

Full schedule details are available on the Instinctive Notes Web Site for all clients with an appointment that day.

Schedules are updated as soon as your new notes are saved.

Filters are available to see current vs all today's appointments, and to see only appointments for a particular location or practitioner at a time.

Clients on a treatment plan will have eight weeks scheduling information ready to turn into future appointments. Weeks with reviews are clearly identified.

Clients on a wellness program will have their appointment frequency and review timetables clear for booking in.

A quick glance will show exactly how long ago the schedules were recorded.

All this and much more

From quick switching to flexible scheduling, you will always have your clients booked in when they need to be.

Quick plan/wellness switch

Switch your client from plan to wellness, and back again with a tap of a button.

Stored plan history

All previous weeks plans are stored permanently ensuring a full record of planned treatments is available right on the client record.

Flexible wellness scheduling

Record a wellness schedule between once a week and once every three months, or don't set one at all if you are no longer seeing your client.

Flexible wellness reviews

Specify a review between 1 and 12 visits out, or don't set one at all.

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