Friction Free Clinical Notes

Instinctive Notes removes the friction from note taking so you record every note, every time, with the maximum information and the minimum of effort. 

Your day with perfect clarity

The who, what and why of your day (and the coming week) from start to finish.


Synchronise your appointments and clients direct from your practice management system. Once set up it runs like clockwork to keep everything up to date

Appointments are colour coded so you know the exact type of appointment before you get started.

Up to seven days of appointments are always available for viewing with the total for the week calculated in the Appointments tab.

Time saving shortcuts, not loads of free text

Use buttons and pick lists to build your notes and banish long form free text to what it's best at, ad-hoc additional comments.

Code templates get you up and running quickly. Choose from Diversified, Gonstead, Applied Kinesiology, SOT or Thompson and start your note taking with a minimum of configuration.

Pick lists for Organs, Muscles, Cranials and Limbs let you focus straight to the area of treatment quickly and effectively, no typing required.

Add treatment techniques to record details of how a code was performed. Choose from Manual, Activator, Drop Piece, Blocks and Finger Pressure.

Codes are copied from one note to the next, easily supporting patterns, which means that a note for a repeat client is even faster.


Never accidentally miss a note again

It's like having your assistant follow you around and remind you to take your notes.

Appointments with missing notes are automatically identified and presented on the "No Notes" list making it easy to process them at a quieter time.

Draft notes can be saved if you want to record more information than time permits. The "Draft Notes" list arranges them for easy processing when you have everything you need.

Full client history for every client in the palm of your hand

Get rid of your stress and know that you can find every document and note ever recorded all in one place. All easy to access and understand so you don't waste time collecting or deciphering what has come before.

Every treatment note recorded for a client is summarised in an easy to scan list. The most recent five notes are show by default, just pull down to display every note on file.

Right alongside are all attachments for your client. Easily scannable and viewable right inside the Instinctive Notes App.

Client level notes and red flag (medical alerts) are shown at the top of the treatment list. You'll know immediately if there are any issues or restrictions for the coming treatment before you even start.

The fastest clinical note taker, available for use anywhere & everywhere

Stop wasting your time with slow note taking software or paper notes, you've got better things to do.

Instinctive Notes is a native iOS application. That means it's optimised to make use of all the power of the iPhone or iPad, and give you the fastest and most responsive clinical notes available.

All data is stored directly on the device so you can review your upcoming appointments and client history wherever you are.

Notes are saved to the device immediately and then transmitted to our web service in the background, which is super fast, and works even if you have no network access.

All this and much more

From smart double tap to iOS shortcuts, there's no better way to record your client notes.

Smart Double Tap on Codes

The Diversified and Gonstead code templates allow double tap selection to record alternative treatments.

Additional Muscle Info

Add further information by pick list when selecting a muscle for treatment.

Additional Limb Info

Add further information by pick list when selecting a limb for treatment.

Change History

Every change to every note, client or schedule is recorded and stored, along with who made the change and when.

Appointment Types for Notes

All notes recorded are colour coded with the type from the originating appointment.

Swipe to delete copied codes

If you are not using copied codes simply swipe them away and all codes will be cleared.

iOS Shortcuts

Use iOS Dictation or Keyboard Text Replacement to make it easy to add your notes into any text field.

Pull to refresh

For each list simply pull to refresh the data in the list. Refreshing the appointment list will refresh all data.


All notes (along with everything else) are encrypted while stored and require valid credentials to view.

Try Instinctive Notes today

Instinctive notes has simple pricing. Just $39 base service per month + $10 per additional practitioner per month.
No credit card required. Try our full feature set for 30 days.