Customisation with Control

Instinctive Notes gives practitioners the flexibility to work the way they want while allowing the practice to keep control.

Standard code templates

There are all kinds of chiropractic techniques out there and as an individual you may have one or more that you specialise in.

Code templates are built right in supporting many of the major branches of chiropractic - Diversified, Gonstead, SOT, Applied Kinesiology and Thompson.

Each practitioner in your practice can choose up to three code templates to display on their devices, and place them in any order they wish.

With standard templates every code means the same thing, no matter which practitioner uses it.

Custom codes 

All practices have their specific requirements. For the cases that the standard codes don't meet all your needs you can fill the gap with custom codes.

Add as many unique custom codes as you wish for your practice. For maximum control custom codes are standardised across your practice, they always mean the same thing no matter who uses them.

Each practitioner can select up to 40 custom codes in their own screen, ordering and colouring them as they wish.

Custom codes appear right beside standard codes, so they are easily accessible and quick to use.

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