Attach Every Document

Instinctive Notes can attach and view all kinds of documents. Now you can have every piece of client history in one place, rather than all over the place.

Access attachments anywhere you need them

No more hunting for that important X-ray, or referral, or medical history, or... well you get the picture. All documents for a client are now available right on your device at all times.

Simply tap to view whatever has been loaded and up it pops right on your screen. Use all the standard iOS interactions you know, pinch to zoom or double tap to zoom in and out.

There is no limit to the number of attachments you store and no additional costs.

Upload pictures straight from your device

Important documents can come from all directions, attached to email, downloaded from web sites or plain old paper. If your assistants don't have time to get those in you can shortcut the process by adding attachments right from your device.

Attach documents direct from your camera roll. Images in email or on the web can be easily saved to the camera roll and then attached. 

Take a picture of anything and upload it on the spot.

All attachments are imediately available across all your devices, as well as on the Instinctive Notes Web Site, so you can get at them at a moments notice.

Bulk upload your documents from the web

If you have a whole set of attachments it's a cinch to load them up all at once.

Select and save multiple files at once.

Save non-image files which can then be viewed in the Instinctive Notes App.

Add descriptions or set an attachment as a favourite. All details will be available for viewing right in the Instinctive Notes App.

All this and much more

From attachment favourites to encrypted storage, it's easier then ever to store every client document in one place.

Favourite Attachments

Easily set favourites to sort them to the top of you lists. 

Supported documents

PDFs and Images
Word, Excel and Powerpoint
Pages, Numbers and Keynote
Text and CSV files

Extended Descriptions

Add more detail than just the filename and sync it to the Instinctive Notes App.

Overwrite protection

Versions are stored for 30 days for overwritten attachments and can be restored if required.

Unlimited attachments

As many as you like, each up to 5MB in size.

Encrypted Storage

All attachments are encrypted while stored and require valid credentials to view.

Try Instinctive Notes today

Instinctive notes has simple pricing. Just $39 base service per month + $10 per additional practitioner per month.
No credit card required. Try our full feature set for 30 days.