Our Story

The People Behind Instinctive Notes

Meet the team helping you take friction free clinical notes.

Simon Petersen

The Chiropractor

Diana Mott

The App Builder

Nicholas Mott

Jack of All Trades

In The Beginning

It all started with a trip to the Chiropractor.

A troubled newborn was too often unhappy and Diana had found her way to Simon to try and get her daughter sorted out. It wasn't long before Diana had convinced Nick to see Simon about his constant headaches.

All three of them hit it off but it wasn't until Nick was fed up with the Road Warrior life, most of all not seeing his beautiful daugther, that a parntership started to make sense.

So Nick quit his job and joined Diana and Simon to try and solve a problem that Simon had been working on for years - how to help chiropractors get through the chore of recording their clinical notes.

Clinical notes were a boring but very important part of the life of a chiropractor. Many chiropractors even hated doing them - nobody really likes to do chores, they just do them grudgingly. So they minimised the time they took, recorded so little information that the note really wasn't doing the job it was supposed to do, batched them to the end of the day when their memories were stale and tried to think as little about them as possible.

Too many of the current options for notes simply reinforced how much of a chore notes were. Too slow, complicated to set up, with reams of laborious text entry, using software that was generally tied to your office or cost a mint to have set up in your home. Many chiropractors even stuck with paper, and the only easy thing about paper notes was the ability to misplace them when you needed them.

Simon, Diana and Nick knew there had to be a better way - so Instinctive Notes was born.

The vision is simple:

  • A single place to securely store all of a clients clinical notes
  • A service that focuses exclusively on clinical notes without distraction
  • Software so good that practitioners start loving their clinical notes

(ok so that last one's a bit of a stretch, but hey we can set the bar super high).

We believe that only a dedicated clinical note taking service, that focuses on and optimises how a practitioner takes the clinical note, will be able to deliver notes that simultaneously provide all the information the note needs to provide, with the desire for the practitioner to record every note, every time.

Instinctive Notes has already come a long way, and it still has a long way to go, and we are convinced it's the right answer to turn the chore that clinical notes are today into a friction free note taking experience that result in way better clinical notes than you have ever taken before.

We hope you come along the journey with us, and perhaps even (one day) love your clinical note taker

Oh, and Nick's headaches have been gone for years.